Illustrations / Game Art / Projects

For my graduation project at the HKU I collaborated together with my partner Tim Nelemans to make a simple platform game.
I worked on the narrative, concept art, creature models and textures as well as some small asset models on the side.
In this game players must collect objects to restore balance to the world. We choose to use Indonesian and Thai influences for our artstyle and design.
The main focus of this game was to showcase my skills as a concept artist and game artist.

The world of Pohon will be further developed as a personal project by my partner and me.


My name is Denise Blaauwkamer and I'm a Game Artist and Illustrator. I love to draw colorful and vibrant illustrations with a Fantasy or Sci-Fi theme that often revolves around animals. I graduated in 2014 from the University of the Arts Utrecht with a Bachelors in Game Art.

I love to challenge myself and keep on learning new things.


- 2015-2016 2D Game Artist/Illustrator at MediaMonks

- 2015 Lead 2D Artist and supervising Game Art interns at Lunar Brothers

- 2013 Intern Concept Artist, UI Artist and Illustrator on Moodbot