Illustrations / Game Art / Projects

Mendels Meesterwerk (Mendels Masterpiece) is an Applied Game I worked on in Team Bluebird as a school assignment. Our goal was to make kids stay longer in a museum, we chose the botanical garden to focus on.

I worked on some 2D art, 3D modelling and Sculpting and designed the "Scanning Device" from sketch to final prototype sculpt.

Made by Team Bluebird:
Yasen Atanasov - Programmer
Denise Blaauwkamer - Concept artist, 2D artist, 3D artist
Robin Bosma - Programmer and Designer
Michelle Kusters - Concept artist, 2D Artist, GUI Artist, Designer
Krien Linnenbank - Programmer
Lin Setzekorn - Concept artist, 2D Artist
Nick Witsel - Producer and Designer

With thanks to:

Sophie Ansems - Music
Nola Klop - Voice Meike
Zebracat Productions - Sound Design and Recording


My name is Denise Blaauwkamer and I'm a Game Artist and Illustrator. I love to draw colorful and vibrant illustrations with a Fantasy or Sci-Fi theme that often revolves around animals. I graduated in 2014 from the University of the Arts Utrecht with a Bachelors in Game Art.

I love to challenge myself and keep on learning new things.


- 2015-2016 2D Game Artist/Illustrator at MediaMonks

- 2015 Lead 2D Artist and supervising Game Art interns at Lunar Brothers

- 2013 Intern Concept Artist, UI Artist and Illustrator on Moodbot